NES console squeezed into light gun



Let’s see – a video games console stuffed into an unlikely chassis… It’s got to be Ben Heck up to his old tricks, right? Well, no, actually, but it’s clearly inspired by his many impressive works as it first showed up on the Ben Heck forums. This latest mod is a Nintendo 8-bit NES system, which forum poster GonzoMPM-1 has somehow managed to cram inside an old light gun controller.

Strictly speaking, it’s not a proper NES system, but one of those Nintendo-on-a-chip (NOAC) bootlegs. That doesn’t matter though and because the chip comes with 76 games on board it gets around the fact that there’s nowhere to stick a game cartridge. Although, we feel that not having custom built cartridges in the shape of magazines was a missed opportunity.

Included in that line-up is the timeless Duck Hunt and other light-gun classic, Hogan’s Alley. These are especially noteworthy because despite there being a NES now taking much of the light-gun’s innards, the gun is still fully functional. The only obstacle is that light-guns don’t actually work with modern TVs so you’ll have to look in the shed for an old CRT.


The whole get-up runs on three AAA batteries, which fit into the butt parallel to the board you see above.

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