Nokia dreams of the future: growing a mobile phone in a pot

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nokia.jpgYou’d expect one of the world’s leading mobile phone companies to be constantly thinking of future innovations. In fact, over one-quarter of Nokia’s employees — around 30,000 people — work on research and development, and though a lot of their work is kept secret, a recent new article sheds some light on possible future products.

Leo Kaerkkaeinen, a chief visionary at the Nokia Research Centre, suggested that in the future, your mobile phone might be grown in a pot, or printed out.

Perhaps slightly more plausible, though a little worrying in terms of health, is a mobile phone for an exercise freak which can be worn like a headband, and which can repel sweat and mud.

It’s not just about mobile phones, either. “Nokia is not just looking to expand its product portfolio but also for new services to expand it. The Research Centre’s job is also to look for something totally different — like should Nokia start making household robots or medical diagnosis systems,” Kaerkkaeinen said.

Nokia is also conducting trials on mobile phones which could aid in the diagnosis of illnesses, and testing GPS sensors in phones to forecast traffic flows.

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