NES controller coffee table – the best mod ever

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Ladies and gentlemen, a huge round of applause to Kyle Downes of Essendon, Australia. Kyle has created the finest NES controller mod I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen a few.

Not only is this an excellent looking piece of furniture, the caliber of which any gamer would beam to boast in their lodgings, but it actually works. Yes, you heard me. It works. You can play games with it. Admittedly, it’ll take two of you to manage Mario but for me that adds an element of party play fun. Take a look at the video…

I’m actually flabbergasted. The care, the detail, the perfect finish are all just incredible, topped off with the fact that it would be a beautiful piece of furniture even if it didn’t have electronic function.

Did I mention it also provides excellent storage space? No? It does, look.

Genius. If you like it, go to Kyle’s blog and let him know. There’s not nearly enough comments to applaud that level of industry and inspiration.

I only have one question – is it wireless?

Ultra Awesome (via Gearfuse)

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  • This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. Thanks.

  • Awesome! Thanks for posting about this!
    It’s nice to see so many people in awe of what was such a fun project to do.

    It’s not wireless, at the moment it’s hacked into an old broken NES controller. However does have a 9-pin port output, so I can also plug it into the custom 9-pin controller port thing I made for my computer, for use with emulators.

    I really don’t intend to play much though, just a bout of wizards and warriors 3 every now and then to make sure it still works.
    Although I suppose Zelda would be a fairly playable game with this.

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