WATCH: The robots in Interstellar were REAL (well… not CGI anyway)

Instellar was one of the biggest hits of last year, and two of the stand-out stars were the film's robots, TARS and CASE. What's surprising though, is that in many cases the two robots were physical puppets and not simply computer generated, like you might expect. Check out the above video to see how it…

iPad – Christmas Gift Guide 2010

If there was one great tech success story of 2010, it has to be the Apple iPad. Though not universally loved when revealed earlier this year and initially plagued with stock shortages, its gone from strength to strength since with…

Griffin launch iPhone 4 protective case range

We all want to keep our freshly bought gadgets in tip-top condition, but when the CEO of Apple starts saying you should buy a case for your iPhone 4 to help with signalling issues, you start to wonder if there's…

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The iPad may be one of Apple's most glamorous products to date, but if you want to keep the touchscreen tablet in good nick you're going to want to invest in a top-notch case or cover. Just as with…

MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset headed to the Apple Store

Newton Peripherals are readying the European launch of their MoGo Talk Bluetooth headset ahead of next week's MWC 2010 conference. Ultra thin at only 5mm thick, the headset docks with a low-profile iPhone 3GS case, slotting away so that you…

iPad carry cases on the way from Griffin

It was only a matter of time before the great iPad accessory race began, and first out of the starting blocks are Griffin Technology with their range of iPad cases. Styles include the book-like Elan Passport (pictured), the colourful Elan…

"Elegant Edition" Xbox 360 looks a bit like a Betamax player

The "Elegant Edition" mod features three 120mm fans for cooling, and a boxy Betamax like shape. If you've got the dough, the mod team will fix your Xbox 360 up too, but keep in mind your warranty won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

Splash out on H2O Audio's iSH2 underwater iPod Shuffle case


If you’re a swimmer, then you’ll know what a pain it is when cases that claim to be ‘waterproof’ leak, and your iPod suddenly dies mid-breaststroke. Well, here’s a waterproof case that has won an award for best iPod Shuffle case of the year, and intriguingly, clips to the back of your head.

Makers H2O Audio reckon that it’ll go down to 3.6m deep, and because it’s positioned on the back of your head, it reduces “water drag”. It’ll attach easily to your googles, so it won’t fall off, though what the sound quality is like on the attached headphones when you’re underwater remains to be seen. Oh, and did I mention it costs £60? Pick it up from the H2O Audio website.

H2O Audio

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