iPad – Christmas Gift Guide 2010

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If there was one great tech success story of 2010, it has to be the Apple iPad. Though not universally loved when revealed earlier this year and initially plagued with stock shortages, its gone from strength to strength since with around 8 million owners now happily app-ing away.

With you 8 million iPad owners in mind (not to mention the countless more set to find one under their trees on Christmas day) we’ve put together this guide on what’s the best gear to go with your new Jesus tablet.

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Gerald Lynch
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  • O Jesus, son of Mary! Is thy Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven?


  • ipad is too expensive for most families , although many kids want to get one.

  • If possible, don’t miss an ipad! ipad is so fantastic! now ,i am a ipad user , i use my ipad playing games, watching movies, sending e-mail ect. i maily use my ipad to enjoy movies, as i am a movie fan. And I think an iPad and an Aneesoft iPad converter suit are the best Christmas Day gift.

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