Mod modders delight – Pink Floyd 'The Wall' PC case mod

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pink floyd case mod 400 pix.jpgThe hammers, the bricks, the screaming face, there can only be one theme to this hot-rod case mod. That’s right you PC Pink Floyders, I feel you tremble. This is indeed a “The Wall” inspired tower. Tasty, isn’t it?

This Tate-worthy creation from the gents at Mnpctech is another in their fine range of specialist PC modifications and I highly recommend taking a look at the pictures and the Youtube video on how it was made. Unfortunately, it wont be available in the shops but If you have any remote DIY abilities – which I certainly do not – there’s enough info for you there to make one of these for yourself.

I’ve always been more of a “Dark Side of the Moon” kind of guy but you just can’t beat “The Wall” for iconography and this bad boy has just got it in spades. I don’t know whether it’s the handle, the face, the side mural or even the flame red wheels but I want to own this wonderful piece of kit. Truly impressive stuff.

Mnpctech (via gearfuse)

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