'Aliens have visited Earth' says ex-NASA astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell


alien-baseball-cap.jpgI feel rather sorry for the sixth man to walk on the moon aka Dr Edgar Micthell. Here he is, on radio, telling the world exactly what they want to hear and I’m about to sit and just take the piss. I can’t help it, but I promise to be gentle Dr M, I promise.

So, the Apollo 14 veteran spills the lot:

“I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real.”

“It’s been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so,” he says. “But slowly it’s leaked out,” he says. He says, “Some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.” But the trouble lies in his picture of these beings and their culture.

The 77-year-old Bachelor of Science and doctorate awardee describes the aliens as “little people who look strange to us”. Apparently our technology is “not nearly as sophisticated” as theirs and then he barely bothers paraphrasing the classic “they come in peace”. In fact these aliens quite resemble ET with their large eyes and heads – his words, not mine.

It’s tragic really. It could be true. It could be so very true. I want it to be true but I just don’t buy it. I’m not going to say the guy’s senile. My gran’s nearly 100 and she’s got more marbles than I have but I can’t imagine that it’s all a big publicity stunt either.

Naturally, NASA are respectably denying it with “Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue” but it does make you think. How on Earth (pun intended) would you actually go about convincing people if it was true? If we’re not going to believe a man who’s been there, done it and probably fathered a little grey somewhere in the galaxy and got all giggy in zero g, then who will we believe?

(via Sky)

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Daniel Sung
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  • Well, I reckon he’s 95% right. The 5% that is truly missing is that they are NOT peaceful (Phil Schneider R.I.P. proved that), and how the hell did you get through the Van Allen radiation belt without frying….a star-gate maybe? or a wormhole of some description?

  • Of course they would crash. If they are that advanced, they probably never came up with the many fascinating way to wipe out their thought processes, like heroin, snorting pills or an intoxicating beverage. Come to think of it, Earth is probably the only wet planet in several galaxies. Those who live in dry territories know exactly what I mean.

  • I think something big is about to happen, meaning a leak or something. With the Catholic church coming out saying its ok to believe and Briton releasing their ufo files, it seems something is on the horizon.

  • Life come in different sizes, shapes and forms, and exist throughout the entire universe/dimensions. It is simply ignorant to think that we are the only life form in the universe. The truth is, 90% of life form exist outside the physical universe of matter. Ironically, we are actually belong to a minority group in the grand scheme of life.

  • Dr. Mitchell is not the only one that has come forward. Remarkable evidence is available proving that UFOs and ETs have visited our planet. See (www.disclosureproject.com and http://www.freedomofinfo.org).

    Solid testimony from over 500 corporate and military witnesses has been accumulated by two disclosure initiatives. These disclosure witnesses have openly stated they are willing to testify, under oath and before Congress about their direct encounters with UFO crash site investigations, secret UFO documents, UFO photographic evidence, radar reports and recovered crashed ET vehicles.

    As an Attorney, I can attest that the jurisprudential evidence of this quality does not get any better, especially when witnesses possess the ranks of Brigadier Generals, Commander of ICBM Launch facilities, Senior FAA Crash Site Investigators, astronauts, pilots and officers with above top secret clearance. Men have been executed in the U.S. with less evidence.

    Other governments have started releasing previously classified data on ETs and UFOs. France was the first, in March 2007 the French National Space Agency placed 1600 previously classified UFO sighting reports into the public domain for examination; beginning the process of full disclosure of non-Earth origin craft. Similarly, the United Kingdom in May 2007 began a disclosure initiative. Other countries have started to follow suit. It is time for the United States to do the same.

    In my personal experience, I was a U.S. Army Major and held a top secret clearance. My awards include the Bronze Star Medal for leadership in combat as well as others. As a result of my positions other officers have confided in me and I have no doubt that there is something to this enigma.

    It is imperative that this issue receive media and elected official attention. It has been acknowledge by the U.S. military and other federal organizations, through freedom of information requests, that files on the subject remain classified. It is time for the country to move toward full disclosure. People have the right to know the whole story.

  • Thomas, has it crossed your mind that the writers of the bible, man, described the UFO’s and it’s occupants via religion? If we were to see a device in the sky, that was self illuminated, carrying occupants that did not look like us, how would we describe it with the vast vocabulary we have? Would you call it a chariot of fire? Chariot being the only thing that can carry occupants, fire being the only source of light? Perhaps the bible isn’t all a bunch of stories and myths rewritten for political objective. Perhaps they were trying to tell us what they saw. But they only had a very limited vocabulary to do so with. On top of that, careful what you say as the overly powerful church might not like what you have written if it doesn’t glorify their God and they may burn you at the stake, crucify you, or stone you. So perhaps the “scientists” of the times, used what religion they could to try and document what was happening without offending the church. Maybe?

  • The form this article takes is not conducive to a real discussion of a very serious matter. A matter that may mean life or death for our species. Now what is more important than that?

  • It is really this simple. 63 years ago, we announced ourselves to the universe, and anyone within 60 light years heard it. Via a Gigantic, and fleeting gamma ray burst. Any Intelligent and inquisitive species capable of even remote observation then found us. Really The I doubt they would find us screed is just that. Screed. When you announce yourself with the intention of being found, Project Ozma, Phoenix, Seti, Nuclear Weapons and a Century of good old fashioned Radio Waves, why do you then act surprized that you were found. I still need someone who claims to be intelligent just once really explain to me all the Ancient references, drawings, Lines Carving and statues. I really need someone to explain how in Catholic Dogma, and Pictures there are plain as day UFOS. Oh, I get it, The artist in the 13 century was imaginative… He skipped airplanes altogether in his paintings and went right to rockets with fire coming out of the end. Wow, We clai to be enlightened, yet we are closed minded, just like academicia, who for some reason continues to cling to the old models of everything in spite of mounting new evidence, be it ancient egypt, norht america, latin america of even geography in the black anb baltic seas. Quite hunorous

  • you none beleivers GOYIM deserve to die in the world trade center,everyday thousands of people die from you skeptism

    We could have save billions of lives from this technology


  • Over the last decade, there has been a steady parade of some fairly respectable people coming forward to tell us that UFOs are not swamp gas. A former MoD official, a US astronaut, several astrophysicists… not to mention hundreds, if not thousands of otherwise sane, intelligent human beings from all other walks of life.

    You have a witness line-up like this at a Grand Jury hearing, you would get an indictment.

    We have been programmed to make fun of this subject… and the programming works. And to make the disbelief all that much easier, there is indeed quite a convenient assortment of those who wrap their heads in tin foil and talk to spirit guides from Orion.

    Let’s be honest, okay? If a giant UFO were to arrive over Washington DC tomorrow, we would half be hoping that they came to abduct George Bush, and half suspecting that George Bush was behind the show to begin with.

    Oh well. If there ARE aliens in UFOs flitting around in our airspace, they will never get us to notice them anyway.

  • Tomas, I think what you said makes good sense, but if it takes int life to make int life, your thoughts make no sense at all. AS for God and he gave his only son to save us, his only son? his wife! their mothers and fathers, did God have a brother-sister? Come on Thomas I know you read the rinse letter so you are smart so get with it, Have a greatr day. Bill Davidson

  • Yep, check the Disclosure project. He definitely isn’t the only credited official coming up with this.

    To the editors: Lame picture.

  • I can respect the opinions of Dr Mitchell in what he believes and the same for anyone else. The bottom line on the UFO/ET belief is based on evolution verses and intelligent designer. If you believe something can evolve from non-life to life on Earth, then why not millions of years ago somewhere else? But if you believe life and intelligence can only be created by an intelligent being, then Earth is the only place its at.

    Has anyone thought about the possibility that UFO sightings, etc. could be angelic beings? The Bible is full of these kinds of visitation, both good and evil (angelic beings can manifest themselves as humanoid or just light).

    If you don’t believe the Bible as truth (less than 30% of Americans do!), consider how non-living chemicals attain life randomly and how long that would take, and the conditions it would require.

  • Who is anyone to say that this is true or untrue. The man is of great intellect and would have inside information to information that we are not privy to. Good on him for coming out with this information – if it is true or not, he is putting his name and reputation on it – why should he – what is he going to get from this kind of publicity. So for my part, I will still sit on the fence (like religion) until I observe a bright light

  • I would love to believe any of this, but here is my logic. Aliens would, most likely, come from another dimension or from hundreds of light years away. This would by default make them geniuses compared to us, even Gods. However, they must be pretty stupid to be able to warp space and travel that far only to come here and crash.

  • People if you want proof why don’t you all go to http://www.disclosureproject.org
    Or if you can’t read
    go to google video and search “disclosure project”
    Edgar Mitchell is not the only one and he being saying that for YEARS! Diclosure have ALL the proof needed but the Mass Media are corrupt they are sensoring them for YEARS! You all being brain washing by the Mass Media since your birth, wake up people!

  • I’m more surprised by the tone of the article than by Mitchell’s statements.

    He’s made these statements countless times, dating back 10-15 years. I guess this is the only time they’ve actually gained traction enough to be covered by mainstream press.

    I don’t think a guy with a reputation like his would just randomly come out and make up a story about alien existence. What are his motivations?

    Publicity/Exposure you say? Mitchell has stated in the past that he’s not akin to media exposure and interviews, so why would he do this?

    The man is speaking the truth, and over 70% of the United States agrees that we are being visited by ETs. I think that number worldwide might be between 50% and 80% depending on the country.

  • Why is this so “Hard to believe”. ?? Are you so blinded by your indoctrination to “Mainframe” hodgepodge, and other Dogma? PLEASE! Just stick to the REPORT! When we the Public want your “Gracious Opinion” we shall ask for it! If you can`t do that, then keep your mouth shut! We can decide and think for ourselves, thankyou!

    • Come on, Shadow, no need to be like that. I give my opinion because this is a blog and that’s one of key the differences between blogging and traditional journalism.

      I’m not trying to offend anyone here and, like I said, I would love to believe everything Dr Mitchell says. I believe that it’s just too big out there for there not to be extra-terrestrial life but it is so big that I’m not sure they’ve ever found us.

      It’s quite possible that there has been a large cover up for many, many years but it’s harder and harder to keep secrets these days and you’d think that such information would have to come out pretty soon. You simply can’t keep a lid on something like that forever. Maybe it will take the likes of Dr Mitchell and others that hold the keys to get to a point in their lives when they’ve had enough of the lies. On the other hand, it may be that there’s really nothing to tell.

      I think just about everyone wants to believe that we’ve had contact with intelligent beings from elsewhere but some people want it so much that they blind themselves to the possibility that we haven’t. I am not saying you are one of these people.

      I suppose to answer your question of why I find it so hard to believe, it’s because Dr Mitchell hasn’t told us anything new. The difference here is that he has more experience of these matters than anyone else who has made the same claims. It adds serious weight to the argument and, as Hunter says, we have no reason to believe that Dr Mitchel either craves the limelight or is given to lie.

      I think Dr Mitchell is one of the most trustworthy sources I’ve heard on the matter but if he was so closely involved then why doesn’t he have anything new to add to what we’ve already heard? I’m not after a different account; a new fact that the aliens are purple and shaped like pianos or anything like that but just perhaps more information on what we have already heard, more details, some substance behind the stories.

      Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I am too taken up in cynicism but right now I don’t feel this news has given me enough to take that extra leap of faith.

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