NASA briefing the White House on secret Mars news. HG Wells' fear of Mars may be vindicated.

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A couple of weeks ago the sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, in an apparent bid to catch up with James Watson in the “man of science inexplicably becomes a crackpot” stakes, went on the radio and claimed that the human race has made contact with aliens and there’s a big cover-up to disguise this fact.

Maybe he’s not mad after all if Aviation Week, a publication not usually known for its hyperbole (or generally not known) is right with its story about NASA deliberately sitting on a huge announcement?

NASA scientists celebrate as Mars Lander successfully soils itself


Now I know that none of you were even remotely interested in what has been happening in the world of mobile telephony, so I bring you another report from the icy depths of space. Scientists are jubilant this morning because it seems yesterday’s desperate battle against Mars’ fiendishly ‘clumpy’ soil has been won and samples are now being delivered to the lander’s Thermal and Evolved-Gas Analyzer (TEGA).

Phoenix Lander in pitched battle with Martian soil


Thanks to announcement of some important kind of shiny phone handset, it seems that there’s little earth-bound technology news left to report. We expect a good three days before we can stop ourselves from spontaneously typing ‘IPHONE!’, ‘3G!’ or wasting the whole opening paragraphs of our posts providing a connection between utterly unrelated news and said handset announcement. We appreciate your patience.