webOS resurrected as an Android app

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webOS, Palm’s ill-fated operating system behind the equally ill-fated HP TouchPad, may soon get a new lease of life as an Android app.

A company called Phoenix International Communications has been working on getting Open webOS running on Android hardware, and have made leaps and bounds towards making their goal a reality.

Phoenix aim to have webOS running as an app on Android devices, rather than two side-by-side OS’s meaning you wont have to reboot the device to go from one to the other, and perhaps many not even require the phone be rooted either.

The project’s been knocking about for at least a few weeks, when Phoenix first showed the app running on Android hardware. Initially, webOS couldn’t load past its lock screen, but now they’ve managed to get it running far beyond that initial roadblock.

Running on a Samsung Nexus S, it’s sluggish for the time being as they’ve not yet figured out how to get the application working with hardware acceleration. But once that feature is added, it should work buttery smooth.

Check out the project’s progress in the video above.

Via: webOSNation

Gerald Lynch
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