VIDEO: What if GTA V starred a horse? Enter "Poonikins the Magic Warrior Princess"

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You can do some pretty outlandish things in the Grand Theft Auto games; diving out of helicopters and parachuting onto the top of a skyscraper, taking on the army armed only with a baseball bat, mowing down drug pushers in a tank.

It’s great, which is why we’re looking forward to GTA V so much.

What could possibly make us even more eager to play GTA V? How about if the star of the show was a magical horse named Poonikins?

That’s what this clip of a heavily modded GTA IV teases at. We can’t begin to express how barmy and hilarious this video is. A horse, with a baseball bat, on a flying motorcycle. It’s like the GTA universe as re-imagined by the Monty Python crew. Click the video above to view it in all its surreal glory.

As for an actual look at GTA V? Check it out in the video below which reveals plenty of new details from the game, showing off train crashes, jet fighter dogfights, actual dogs, swamp-like regions, the strained relationship between the three main protagonists, a number of bank heists, a vertigo inducing skydive from a car falling out of the back of an airplane and a closer look at the most visually impressive Grand Theft Auto game yet.

No release date is available for Grand Theft Auto V yet, but we’re expecting a Spring 2013 release.

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