Gone are the days of the Tupperware parties, now it's all about…Taser parties?!


pink-taser-parties.jpgLingerie parties are *sooooo* 2006, and Tupperware container parties? We’re looking at 1992, chuh!

According to Local 6 news network, in Phoenix, Arizona, our Mums are all preparing the Jacob’s Club crackers and home-made lemonade for…Tasers. Yes, Taser parties are springing up all over the country, with women able to get hands-on with the guns which might just save their lives when faced with a possible mugger or even worse. The metallic pink Taser which we saw back in January at CES has, as you’d guess, proved very popular.

I’m looking forward to the personal air capsule parties in 2027, which we’ll don to prevent others from getting too close for comfort.

(via Local 6)

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Katherine Hannaford
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