The ASUS Ecobook will match your kitchen's cheap laminate flooring


Good god. We often fantasise about a revival in woodgrain-covered technology, but the reality is… pretty nasty. No wonder this sort of thing was outlawed by Brussels in the mid-1980s.

This new bamboo-laminated beast is the Asus Ecobook – an environmentally-friendly machine that’s apparently better than everything else because 50% of its components can be recycled. Frankly, the last thing we think about when buying a laptop is what’s going to happen to it when it breaks and we have to throw it away. But if you want something that’s hypothetically slightly better for the world after it stops working and costs more to fix than to replace, this sort of does the job.


The Ecobook is currently in the process of being specced-up by ASUS, so we can’t go into any detail about how many megabytes of graphics it’s got, although the PC maker did tell Sci-Fi Blog that it’ll pack a POWER-HUNGRY Core 2 Duo at the very least.

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