Female-led AI startups win just 2% of funding deals, TikTok tests monthly subscription

An “urgent issue” of gender imbalance in artificial intelligence investment must be addressed according to a government-backed body which has found that female-founded companies accounted for just 2% of AI startup deals over the past decade. The report by the Alan Turing Institute found that when female-founded companies have secured funding, they raise on average…

Santok release USB charger for yo' dope wheels (that's car – in street slang)

Those clever little devils at Santok have been up to more cunning in-car japes – this week launching a nifty little in car charger with two 12 volts plugs and two USBs, interesting no?

The STK may look like the disembodied head of Johnny 5 (can a robot be disembodied? can it even have a head?) but it’s infinitely more uselful. The two 12 volts cigarettelighter-size sockets let you plug in your in-car goodies, your sat-nav and ipod dock, while also charging those USB gadgets that you normaly find tethered to your computer.

The STK has a jointed arm so you can wiggle it into whatever position most fits your wheels’ dash. You could also plug a USB splitter into one of the USB ports, giving you even more USB ports, and then plug another into that one, and another into that one, until your car starts to look like the Dolorian from Back To The Future and you start calling everyone Maaarty. That would be sweet.

Niche of the week: Headset Hotties


Welcome to Niche of the Week, an irregular feature where we highlight the slightly more bizarre corners of the internet. This one looks at models on websites with headsets on, usually promising live support, or customer chat, or something along those lines, called, brilliantly, Headset Hotties.

You can’t deny, this has Gary Cutlack written all over it. Unfortunately I can’t verify whether it’s his work or not, right now. I suspect the former. If you’re not familiar with Mr Cutlack’s modus operandi, then I suggest you go and visit Idiot Toys right now. It’s fantastic.

Headset Hotties (via Instant Rimshot)

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Internet comes of age – social networks more popular than porn sites in the UK


Times were, back in the old days when the internet was mainly for “hobbyists,” easy access to vast reserves of pornography was the big seller of PCs and, you might argue, was instrumental in the uptake of broadband. It was in my house, at least. But not any more.

Web traffic counter Hitwise reckons traffic to social networking sites out-stripped that of porn providers for the first time in the UK late last year. Hitwise says it’s all women’s fault, with 55% of social net traffic coming from lady browsers uploading photos of cats to Facebook, and, as a result, they’re spending…

Top ten list of female video-game characters you should idolise

Discussions to the tune of ‘zomg teh jubblies on teh Dead or Alive birds are da hax0r, w00t!’ are as commonplace on the ‘tinternet as rumours about the iPhone release date, so I’m not surprised to discover the latest top ten list of ‘the hottest game babes to date’ doing the rounds of the gaming blogs this week. Is anyone else tired of these inane lists, where every mammary-bulging heroine looks like a carbon copy of the one before her, with taut thighs glistening in sweat at every available opportunity? Whatever happened to having some nice wholesome girl-next-door type characters to idolise, that you can happily play a game featuring the vixen infront of your Dad, and not fear an embarassing pants-tent episode? Together with several other hot-blooded controller-wielding men from the Shiny game blogs, I’ve put together a list of who I think deserves to be on the Shiny Shiny Top Ten List Of Gaming Vixens who aren’t just featured for their 34-24-34 ratio and ability to knock out a vertically-challenged man with a simple quiver of the lady-lumps.