Internet comes of age – social networks more popular than porn sites in the UK

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Social_networks_overtake_porn_sites.pngTimes were, back in the old days when the internet was mainly for “hobbyists,” easy access to vast reserves of pornography was the big seller of PCs and, you might argue, was instrumental in the uptake of broadband. It was in my house, at least. But not any more.

Web traffic counter Hitwise reckons traffic to social networking sites out-stripped that of porn providers for the first time in the UK late last year. Hitwise says it’s all women’s fault, with 55% of social net traffic coming from lady browsers uploading photos of cats to Facebook, and, as a result, they’re spending more time on the PC – leaving less time for men to indulge their ‘special’ interests.

We’d argue that social networks simply provide a different kind of mild voyeuristic porn – like seeing if Sarah Kendall is still as attractive nowadays as she was when you last saw her getting off the school bus on the last day of term in 1991 (she isn’t) and if Becky Thomas is still single (she isn’t).

(Via Hitwise)

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