CES 2007: The all-new Taser C2 comes in… pink?!

CES 2007, Gadgets

pinktaser.jpgCriminals don’t look half as rugged when they’re rolling around the floor in agony after being Tasered by the cops. And they look even more rubbish when the cause is a PINK Taser gun.

At least, I assume that’s the thinking behind the Taser C2, which comes in a fetching metallic pink edition, as well as the more manly black pearl, electric blue and titanium silver versions.

Still, the device has a range of 15 feet, can last for up to 50 firings before needing a recharge, comes with an optional laser sight, and requires a background check before you’re allowed to buy one, so you don’t use it to hold up your local supermarket.

Taser website

Stuart Dredge
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