CES 2007: Give your bidet the bum's rush with a Tres Bien toilet seat

CES 2007, Gadgets

fresh-seat.jpgIt’s not a brand new product, but the Tres Bien by Fresh Seat was still attracting its fair share of attention in CES’ South Hall today. It’s a ‘bidet seat’ – a loo seat that does the job of a bidet (that job being squirting warm water up your jacksie at a temperature and intensity of your choice). It comes with a wall-mounted remote control for easy operation, and costs around $1,000 in the US.

“Because people can now talk about what goes on in their bathroom, and how they want to be more hygienic, people are really starting to talk about this and say hey, this is pretty nice!” says Rebecca Majoros, sales and marketing representative for maker Takagi.

“I like to use the analogy that if you go out and work in your yard, are you gonna wipe your hands on a paper towel, or are you gonna wash them? You’re gonna wash them! So why should the rest of your body be treated any different?”

Hear hear!

Stuart Dredge
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