O2 launches cheapest PAYG mobile broadband


O2 has just joined 3 and T-Mobile in offering a pay-as-you-go mobile broadband package. It’ll sell you a USB dongle for just £30, and then you can choose from £2 a day with a 500MB data allowance, £7.50 a week with a 1GB allowance or £15 a month with a 3GB allowance. You’ll also get free Wi-Fi at hotspots operated by The Cloud.

This seems to currently be the cheapest on the market. It’s closest rival is 3’s ugly Huawei e220 modem, for £40. 3 charges £10 for 1GB, £15 for 3GB and £25 for 7GB, offering more data if you need it, at a slightly higher price.

This is a positive step for mobile broadband. For just £30, there’s now a very low barrier to entry, and with prices as cheap as £2 for 500MB, I’m seriously considering picking on of these dongles up and keeping it in my bag for ‘just in case’ occasions, like the train, or an airport. I’ll wait till I get to try the INQ1‘s dongle capabilities first, though.

Press Release (via O2 Press Centre Twitter)

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O2 launches new Xda 'Zest' on PAYG


O2 has just announced the launch of the Asus-built Xda ‘Zest’ – the first Xda model to be available on Pay as you Go. If you think that means it’s going to be a bit ‘budget’, then think again – it’s remarkably well featured.

At the core of the device is a 2.8″ touchscreen, and it runs Windows Mobile 6.1. It’s got Wi-Fi, HSDPA, a 3-megapixel camera and an FM radio. It’s even got GPS – a function that’s rather rare on PAYG handsets.

The Xda Zest will be available in O2 shops and online from the 17th November. It’ll cost £250 on the aforementioned PAYG, but there’s also 12 and 18 month contracts for those wanting to pay less up front.


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