Three simplifies PAYG tariffs, 1p per MB of data, 3p per minute

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three-logo-thumb.jpgLooking to bring their pay-as-you-go tariffs back to the simpler ways of times gone by, Three are revising their PAYG offering to include just a single one-size-fits-all payment plan.

Going forward, Three will be ditching all add-ons and complicated top-up schemes on PAYG. Instead, all Three PAYG users will pay 3p per minute for calls, 2p per text and 1p per MB of data.

“The number of complex pay-as-you-go tariffs, add-ons and options available is mindboggling,” says Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three.

“Consumers are forced into choosing where they want best value – whether that’s calls, texts or internet. Our new rates strip things right back to basics with a simple, clear and transparent rate for calls, texts and internet use that offers clear value across the board.

“It’s important to us that our Pay As You Go customers can use our Ultrafast network to chat, text and enjoy the internet without making a trade-off on value. This is pay-as-you-go in its purest form.”

The new PAYG scheme applies to all Three’s existing and future PAYG customers, with those already signed up to Three’s PAYG with leftover credit allowed to be used “as they wish”.

Gerald Lynch
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