Steve Jobs: "MobileMe wasn't good enough" to ship alongside iPhone 3G

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apple-mobileme-launch-badly-timed.jpgShowing the sort of honesty that important company bosses only ever display well after a product launch, Steve Jobs has criticised the iPhone 3G’s MobileMe synching app, saying it’s, well, a bit rubbish.

In the internal email to Apple staff, leaked to tech blog Ars Somethingorother, Steve said “It was a mistake to launch MobileMe at the same time as iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 software and the App Store,” pointing out that the buggy data-organising software was “not up to Apple’s standards.”

“The MobileMe launch clearly demonstrates that we have more to learn about Internet services,” Steve signed off, metaphorical tail between his metaphorical legs as he headed off to the metaphorical humble pie shop to buy and then eat some metaphorical humble pie.

So what happens now? Refunds for everyone?

(Via Ars Whatever)

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One thought on “Steve Jobs: "MobileMe wasn't good enough" to ship alongside iPhone 3G

  • When will he talk about all of the 3G reception issues that people are having world-wide? I guess we are the lucky ones… as we don’t have any reception issues. But I read that a lot of people are!

    Come on Apple, address the issue!


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