Sonos updates its wireless music ZonePlayers with the ZP90 & ZP120

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Well, the price may not have changed but the new upgrade of the Sonos wireless music system BU150 bundle has got considerably better and all by the magic of the updated ZonePlayers, the ZP90 and the ZP120.

The best part for my money is that both wireless receivers have had their range doubled, meaning that even if you want to stream music from your basement to your attic sans cables, you pretty much can.

The ZP120 is now 43% smaller and comes with an amp built-in, so all you need to get it up an running is a set of speakers. The ZP90, on the other hand, has no voice of its own and is designed to hook up to whatever system you normally have in order to give it a brand new, wireless edge, but the treats don’t end there.

Your £699 outlay also covers the flash looking Sonos CR100 controller and £100-worth of downloads from Naptser, E-Music and livedownloads through the new Sonos 2.6 software. Time to start being good for Santa.

Sonos (via Electric Pig)

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