CES 2007: Sonos adds support Windows Media Player

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sonos2_1.jpgOne major advantage of Sonso wireless home music system is that the company can constantly continuing to upgrade its feature set via firmware upgrades. The latest addition is support for Windows Media DRM protected tracks – that means if you download music from the likes of AOL Music Now, MTV Networks’ URGE, Napster, Wal-Mart, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, and the Zune Marketplace you’ll be able to play them over your Sonos system. The news also earned Sonos a place at the luxurious Microsoft booth at CES.

“We’re excited about the tremendous support and enthusiasm Sonos is providing for Windows Vista at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show,” said Brad Goldberg, general manager for Windows Client at Microsoft Corp. “By working closely together we are helping to provide technologies that will connect, entertain and hopefully surprise people by how easy this next generation of computing makes their lives.”

In other news, which Microsoft probably wanted to dumb down, the Sonos 2.1 software release also includes improved playlist and volume normalization support for Apple iTunes 7.0.


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One thought on “CES 2007: Sonos adds support Windows Media Player

  • There needs to be more consumer products like this!

    Music players should be able to play all types of digital content (mp3, wma, ogg, etc.) and shouldn’t be relegated to only the proprietary format of the content provider.

    We are releasing a music store that will work with all players (DRM-free), and will rival the library size of the p2p networks.


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