CES 2007: Casio unveils Exilim V7 – 7x optical zoom compact

Cameras, CES 2007

This latest addition to the EXILIM series offers 7.2 megapixel picture resolution along with a 7x internal optical zoom. Despite the large zoom it is still enjoys a pretty slim form factor (just 1″ thick) and that makes it the thinnest 7x zoom camera available. You can also pop into 3 megapixel shooting mode and enjoy a 10x zoom using digital enhancement without a drop in picture quality.

The new Auto Tracking AF function follows moving subjects, keeping them continuously in focus until the photo is taken and it uses a newly redesigned EXILIM 2.0 image processor. It also boasts a mechanical CCD image stabilisation function that works alongside Casio’s Anti- Shake DSP to keep image blur to minimum.

Along with the usual array of picture modes, it has a new ebay mode. The eBay Best Shot takes photos at a size that is optimised for display on eBay, allowing you quickly create photos for selling items on eBay. eBay Best Shot mode also includes Auto Macro, a setting designed for capturing images of small items such as jewellery, tags, etc.

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