CES 2007: Koss takes away the wires with two new sets of headphones

CES 2007, Mobile phones, MP3 players

Koss has unveiled a pair of rather swish pair of Bluetooth headphones called Cobalt. They have a unique white and gold finish and a behind the head design that looks similar to the Motorola HT820s. They don’t specifically state A2DP but we’re assuming that’s what they use.

The internal Li-Ion battery give and approximate battery life of eight hours and it is designed to give an extended frequency response. Koss also supplies a Bluetooth transmitter that will fit your computer/MP3 player/whatever with it.

Check out the Koss Tugos on the turn.

As a slightly lower tech solution to the whole Bluetooth thing, the Koss TUGO incorporates an MP3 player into the ear piece (if Mohammed won’t come to Mohammed…) with the play/pause, skip and volume controls located on the side.

It is powered by a Li-ion battery – no indication of how long it will last, but it should charge in about three hours. You can hook it up to your PC using a mini USB input. Inside, titanium coated diaphragms increase the rigidity of the element. They also fold up flat for easier storage.

Unfortunately there’s no indication of the price of UK availability just yet.

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