OPINION: iPhone not going to Orange in a million years

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no-orange-iphone.jpgRight enough of this iPhone coming to Orange nonsense. Four words my friends – not going to happen. I’ve been reading these stories all over the web, on some really good sites and blogs too but it all started in one place and unfortunately no matter how noble their motives, I do not believe this to be true.

Now I know a bloke at 02 and they know a bloke at Orange and between those blokes I was given two unrefutable facts. 1) 02 has exclusivity with the iPhone until 2012 and 2) that they heard about the murmurings at Orange but it simply wasn’t true, as in not at all, as in not going to happen, as in no.

Why would 02 give up what they’ve paid so very much for? It’s a license to print money. The only way out I can think of would be for Orange to pay them bucket loads but, still, 02 has got their competition by the balls for four years. No amount of money is worth giving that up.

If you’re waiting for an alternative carrier in the UK, don’t hold your breath, unless you’ve got the lungs of a turtle. Wait for PAYG in winter and then jailbreak your way to whatever network you need.

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Daniel Sung
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