Apple facing the blame for iPhone 3G connection issues

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iphone-fail.jpgMany users across the world have been having issues with their iPhone 3Gs – suffering connection problems as well as low speeds once they are connected. They’ve been blaming the carriers, but the carriers are now holding their hands up, claiming “not me, guv”.

Turns out that it might be Apple at fault. Swedish technical publication “Ny Teknik” are claiming that the iPhone doesn’t meet the International Telecommunication Union’s standards and in the US, an analyst at Nomura Securities claims that it’s “…an immature chipset and radio protocol stack” causing the issues, whatever that means.

Also blaming Apple are T-Mobile Netherlands who have a blog post (warning: Dutch) claiming that the problem is “…a hardware / software specific issue of the iPhone itself” and putting the final boot in are Vodafone Australia, who told a local paper that it most certainly isn’t their network, it’s the iPhone goddamnit.

Apple are notoriously secretive, and allegedly some of the carriers didn’t have any test models until a day before the product was released. This might have contributed to some of the issues, but at the end of the day, the blame at least partially lies with carriers who haven’t universally rolled out 3G coverage yet.

In the longer term, Apple will either fix the firmware or start using a new 3G chip supplier, so if you’ve not got yourself an iPhone yet, and you want the most perfect experience, then it might be worth waiting just that little bit longer.

(via iPhonic and TUAW)

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