"I am Rich" iPhone app video walkthrough surfaces, Apple admits it has a "kill switch" and can hold world to ransom

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Thumbnail image for iamrich.jpgRemember the “I am Rich” $1000 iPhone app? We reported on it when it first became available and then when it was prompty removed only a day later. Brilliantly, someone has now posted a video “walkthrough” of the app on to YouTube so we can actually see what’s behind the $1000 toll.

As expected, it is… not a lot. The only feature is the “secret business mantra”, which is merely the following text (spoiler alert):

“I am rich
I deserv it

I am good,
healthy &

You’d think for such a premium app like this the programmer would have at least run it through a spell checker.

Considering the amount of dodgy press for Apple that this one app has generated it doesn’t look as though there’s going to be any imitation apps to fill the gaping void in the market where “I am Rich” used to be. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Steve Jobs has let slip that Apple does have a secret “kill switch” for removing troublesome apps.

The kill switch itself is a big news as it gives Apple control of what apps go on to your iPhone. This means that it can get rid of any apps that have viruses and the like embedded in them, but it also means that it can potentially remove any apps that go against Apple’s iron-fisted control of their “product eco-system”. An app that turns the iPhone into a 3G modem for your computer – a feature that would make me dump my N95 for an iPhone – has apparently already been “banned” from the app store.

(via The Boy Genius Report and VentureBea)

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  • A spell checker? Come on, the guy is so rich , he doesn’t have to watch for his spelling. Some slave typed it for him.

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