Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you expensive iPhone apps

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iamrich.jpgPicture the scene: you’re well off, have stacks of cash, a fancy car and you’ll even admit in public to voting for the Conservative Party. But something is missing… what else can you do to boast about your decadent lifestyle and make the poor hate you even more?

You could try and get a posh mobile phone… but then, the fanciest phone on the market is the iPhone, and even paupers can afford one of those these days. You need something else to really set yourself apart from the riff-raff.

There’s a new application available for the iPhone called “I am Rich”. It’ll set you back $1000 and it does… absolutely nothing.

Whilst all of your other working class iPhone apps will work hard on the phone carrying out important tasks that keep the phone working and functional, “I am Rich” will sit idly by, displaying a red ruby on the screen. The closest thing it has to resembling a feature is the offer of displaying a “secret business mantra” to “help you to stay rich, healthy and successful”.

Presumably that mantra is “wish you were the ones to come up with the idea for a $1000 iPhone app that stupid rich people will buy as a status symbol”.

(via Wired)

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James O’Malley
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  • I just talked to the programmer, Armin Heinrich from Salzgitter, Germany. He says that he sold I Am Rich already four times in the first 14 hours. Now he is impatiently waiting for the App Store’s next accounting which he will receive 10 AM tomorrow. I guess he will be even richer than.

    Here’s the article I have just written for our news website:

    €800: The most expensive iPhone app comes from Germany

  • Haha… but not F*cking rich enough to afford spelling lessons “if it’s to expensive for you”. For that kind of money I’d want perfection!

  • No way! That is f*cking brilliant! I wish i’d come up with that as an idea!! There are bound to be idiots out there willing to pay for it!

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