iPhone 3G deals: UK gets a better deal than the US


iphone3G.jpgNow that the details of the contract you need to sign in blood with O2 (UK) or AT&T (US) have been announced, it looks like UK consumers may actually have the better end of the deal! Here’s why:
1. O2 only requires 18 months of slavery on contract, as opposed to AT&T’s 24-months.

AT&T requires a credit check on both new and existing customers. As far as we know, O2 isn’t being that Orwellian.

3. O2 has plans to make the iPhone 3G available to pay-as-you-go customers. AT&T at best promises to someday make it available to people unwilling to sign up for 2 years.

4. If you plan to use £75 a month on the phone, it’s free with O2. AT&T charges $199 for the 8Gb model, and $299 for the 16GB, imposes a $36 activation fee on new customers and you’ll still have to pay them line rent for 2 years.

So overall, it does look like the grass is greener for iPhone fans on this side of the pond.

Check here for the details on the AT&T deal
And here for the details on O2

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Emily Tan
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  • It’s about time we got a better deal. That false exchange rate has been killing me on Apple products.

    Here’s hoping we’ll continue to get Apple products that cost the same no matter where you buy.

  • Two generations in, I am yet to see the appeal of this phone.

    Two generations in, the phone I bought outright 8 months ago is still functionally superior to both.

    Oh, and for 75 pounds a month you damned well better give me the phone for free! Christ on a bike! I could have choked on my cornflakes reading that little gem.

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