Rumour: LG KC9010 8-megapixel camera phone for release in October

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LG-KC9010.jpgNot to be out-done by Motorola and Sony Ericsson, LG also look to be launching their own 8-megapixel mobile phone, the LG KC9010, and can you guess when? Yep, in October too.

The rumour comes from a source on the inside, know to those at MobileCowboys (yeehaw), and says that this latest piece of specced up camera phone competition will come with a Xenon flash, image stabilisation, face recognition and will capture video in 720 x 480 at a frame rate of 30fps.

Sadly no pictures have leaked out with the story so you’ll have to go along with our artist’s impression and the word that the LG KC9010 will be aluminium framed with tempered glass and less than 14mm thick. It’ll also have a WVGA touchscreen.

The camera features of this rumoured handset would give it a serious edge over its other two competitors and, so long as it has the GPS to match, we could be looking at a serious contender. I can’t imagine struggling Motorola will be too thrilled.

(via Mobile Cowboys)

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  • OK…Very nice idea for 8mp camara phone
    i like it and buy some one

    but this should be capture fine movie quality as dvd type and have also function blutooth,night photography, and optical zoom upto10 x min.

  • I for one would find a cigarette dispenser a novel addition to my mobile phones capabilities.


    • Surely the latest handset that Marlboro have in development. You know, for kids?

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