Sennheiser cuts price of PXC 350 noise-cancelling headphones

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sennheiser_pxc_350.jpgSennheiser has just announced that it is cutting a pretty impressive slice off the cost of its high-end PXC 350 active noise-cancelling headphones. They’ll now set you back a mere £179.99.

Even following a £50 price cut, you can tell these cans are aimed at the serious traveller. They also offer a durable, fold flat design and, along with blocking external noise, they stop sound leaking out so you can zone out, safe in the knowledge that your fellow passengers have no idea that you’re listening to that Mika album you ‘accidentally’ downloaded.

The noise-cancelling technology is based on Sennheiser’s NoiseGuard, which was originally developed for pilots. It combines active and passive techniques: NoiseGuard removes 85% of the background noise electronically while the closed back design helps block out the rest of the general hubbub. It runs on 2 x AAA batteries, which should last you a good 40 hours.

To be honest, all this chat about noise-cancelling technologies is irrelevant: it’s a little known scientific fact that once you think about buying a pair of noise cancelling headphones – like you just did two paragraphs ago – then the next time you get on a plane, fate will ensure you are sat next to a quartet of flu-addled babies, shrieking together in a demented crescendo. You’ll pretty much have to get some now, well, that or get yourself on a No Fly list, I suppose.


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