Bose to put QuietComfort RNC noise-cancelling technology into cars

Bose wants to use the noise-cancelling technology found in its headphones to block out sounds from outside cars. The leading audio brand has developed a way to eliminate noise created by rough roads, using accelerometers and microphones to measure vibrations. Software and algorithms can then calculate an acoustic cancellation signal to be played through the…

SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Noise-proof headphones test

Annoyed with your current headphones? Bothered by people yapping and eating Rice Crispies on the bus in the morning, and need to replace the crappy pair of earbuds that came bundled with your MP3 player? You need to see this video.

Lucy, Zara and I tested out some of the noise cancelling and noise isolating earphones on the market. Dan made some noise. You can see the results above – the Shure SE102s won out, thanks to their low price and extreme effectiveness. Highly recommended.

Shure SE102s

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Sony announces MDR-NC500D headphones, world's first digital noise-cancelling pair


Another product to add to the ‘world’s first’ category, Sony claims these MDR-NC500D headphones are the world’s first digital noise-cancelling pair.

With 99% of ambient noise cut out supposedly (although that’s based on ‘Sony’s measurement standards’ apparently), they use digital technology with Artificial Intelligence, with an internal processor adapting the level of cancellation dependent on the outside noise. The ‘AI Mode’ button lets you choose from three cancellation modes, alternatively press down and hold…