Klipsch Mode headphones offer 45 hours of noise cancellation from one charge

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klipsch-mode.jpgQuality audio hardware manufacturers Klipsch have revealed their Klipsch Mode headphones, an over-ear pair of cans that offer 45 hours of noise cancellation from a single charge.

Padded out with “high-grade leather”, the Klipsch Modes switch to a regular pair of stereo headphones once the battery has died, meaning you’ll never miss a track just because of a lack of juice.

With a detachable cable, you’ll be able to easily replace the audio lead should it become damaged, meaning the cans themselves will still be worth something even if the cabling gives up the ghost. Foldable, the headphones will also prove nice and portable, collapsing down for transportation.

In terms of audio tech, 40mm woofers should lead to strong bass and midranges, supported with active crossover, while 15mm tweeters give clear and detailed highs.

No word on pricing yet (expect it to be relatively high, we’d say), but the Klipsch Mode headphones are due in stores by the Autumn.

Gerald Lynch
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