Microsoft: "We view a tablet as a PC"

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windows-8-start-thumb.jpgMicrosoft still see tablets closer to PCs than mobile phones, despite their forthcoming tablet-friendly OS Windows 8 visually appearing very similar to the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

Speaking at the Microsoft Partner Conference in Los Angeles, Windows Phone boss Andy Lees described his company’s stance on the split between mobile devices and desktop PCs.

“We view a tablet as a PC,” he said during his keynote,” [Microsoft] wants people to be able to do the sort of things they do on a PC on a tablet.”

Despite its tablet-friendly appearance Windows Phone 7 will never make its way onto a Microsoft-built tablet therefore. Instead, Microsoft see PCs and mobile devices, including tablets, eventually living in a “unified ecosystem” under a single OS, with Windows 8 the first step towards that.

Via: Apple Insider

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