Blackbox launch self-powered i10 noise-cancelling headphones

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Blackbox i10.jpgI love living in my own little musical-bubble, especially when on a rattling tube or a bus full of hysterical school kids. Noise-cancelling earphones are the perfect tool for zoning out of the world around you, but many have one critical flaw in my opinion; the need for batteries. And not just any batteries, but those titchy AAA ones which quite often aren’t easy to come by.

Enter then the Blackbox i10 earphones for iPods and iPhones, a noise cancelling pair that aim to be your sonic-saviours by avoiding the need for batteries and instead being self-powered.

Using the 30 pin dock connector, the headphones use Active Noise Rejection tech to block out as much as 92% of background noise.

“This product presents something truly unique for Apple and music enthusiasts here in the UK,” said Neil Truckell, UK Brand Manager of Blackbox. “Through its Active Noise Rejection technology, the i10s are the first earphones to operate without the need for external batteries and provide the ultimate upgrade path for iPOD/iPHONE users, keen to dramatically improve sound quality and comfort. Its competitive price point makes it an amazing addition to your device so you can simply enjoy music on the go. This is just one of the upcoming innovations from the Blackbox family.”

Priced £79.99, pick them up here from Amazon.

Gerald Lynch
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