GAMESCOM 2011: PlayStation 3 entry price slashed to £192

Sony's PlayStation 3 console will now be available at rock-bottom prices following an announcement from the tech giant at the Gamescom conference in Cologne. During his keynote speech, SCEE President Andrew House revealed that all storage size configurations of the…

Nintendo 3DS sales back on track after price drop

If you've been following news surrounding Nintendo's latest handheld, the glasses-free 3D-packing 3DS console, you'll know that despite a mostly positive critical reception, the handheld has struggled to make big waves at retail. So much so that Nintendo announced massive…

Nintendo 3DS just £115 at Tesco today

Wow; just little more than 4 months after Nintendo's "game-changing" 3DS console launched with its glasses-free 3D display, we're now seeing dramatic price cuts on the handheld at retail. Both the high-street stores and online retailers have gone into…

Struggling Nintendo 3DS getting massive price cut

The Nintendo 3DS isn't exactly flying off shelves, with the console managing to shift just 710,000 units globally in the last quarter according to Nintendo's most recent financial results. That's less than the combined sales of older DS handheld…

US and Europe get Playstation 2 price cut


Sony has seen fit, 9 years after the release of the Playstation 2, to finally bring the price down under $100. The world’s best-selling console ever will be available for $99.99 in the US within a month.

Europe’s seeing a similar discount – from €129.99 to €99.99, but SCE UK is refusing to budge on the UK’s £93 price point. It won’t bother most people – you can get one for £20 on eBay – but it does seem a bit odd that we’re not getting the same reduction.

(via Techradar)

Dan would like his girlfriend to know that Zavvi is knocking out Xbox 360s for £99


That’s a saving of £30 over the newer, cheaper RRP of £129 that only took effect in September, a saving which Dan’s girlfriend could then put toward buying Dan a copy of GTA IV to go with it. Dan’s girlfriend would then be left in peace to watch EastEnders while Dan spends hours creating a Dan-like Avatar on Christmas Day.

The Zavvi Xbox 360 madness sale has also seen the price of the regular machine with its 60GB hard drive slashed from £169 to £149, with the price of the Elite CRASHING by…

Klipsch launches new Image X5 earphones, and price cuts for rest of range


High-end audio manufacturer Klipsch has just announced a new set of earphones to sit alongside its prosumer X10 and budget Custom-1 models.They’re called the X5s, and they’re ever so slightly larger than the X10s.

That slight embiggening saves £50 in the manufacturing process, which they’ve passed on to the consumer, so the X5s will cost £130. For that, you’re getting 50 ohm impedence, 110dB sensitivity, and -26 dB noise isolation. Klipsch are calling these “the least fatiguing in-ear headphones around”, and they’ll be available in ‘late November’.

BUY THIS GAME: Audiosurf


The incredible, awesome, Audiosurf has just managed itself a 75% price cut, and can now be bought for the staggeringly low price of US$2.50. That’s £1.60. Seriously – at that price you need this game in your life. It’s one of the best PC games this year.

It’s sort-of a cross between Tetris, Guitar Hero, iTunes and crack. It’s a musical puzzle game, but that sounds way more boring than it actually is. You load in any MP3 you like, and from the waveform of the song, it generates a course which you race along picking up and matching coloured blocks. The fast, loud bits of the song are downhill, the slow, quieter bits are uphill. I’ve embedded a video of the gameplay over the jump, to help you get it…