The future of Xbox 360 is orange – Sainsbury's starts selling the Xbox 360 Arcade for £99


That’s £99 for a console that’s had its price slashed to £129 a couple of weeks ago anyway. Aren’t things in shops supposed to be getting MORE expensive?

As well as reducing the “entry level” non-hard drive Xbox 360 Arcade to £99 as from today as part of its pre-Christmas price warring, Sainsbury’s is also going against retail recommendations and selling the regular 60GB Xbox 360 for £139…

iTunes UK price cut cancelled – blame the credit crunch. Or the oil price. Or George Bush


Six months ago we got marginally excited. Marginally excited about possibly paying a bit less for our iTunes downloads in the UK, thanks to an EU complaint about UK buyers being charged more than our European “friends.”

Well. That’s not happening any more. Six months ago, 99cents were worth 74 Great British Pence, triggering the EU to ask Apple to cut its UK prices to make things all fair and equal in EuroWorld. But now, thanks to the plummeting pound/euro exchange…

Price-drop for UK confirmed by O2, iPhone now just £169


The tech rumour which crept up behind us, tapped us on the back and startled us into thinking ‘oooh…my bank balance is looking good this month, perhaps I should indulge?’ has now been confirmed.

We may’ve been disgruntled when we heard Germany would be receiving a price-cut for the iPhone, but there’s no need to draw up plans for WWIII any longer. O2 has just confirmed that the UK will also receive a price-cut for the iPhone, lopping £100 off the price to offer the 8GB version for £169. The cheaper offer…

It's a good time to be European, with the prospect of an Xbox 360 price cut looming


Hey, it’s another reason why we should be thankful for living in the UK or Europe! Websites are currently reporting that as of this Easter, the Xbox 360 Arcade console from Microsoft will be getting a price-cut of €50 (or £38), bringing it to only £150 for us Brits.

Which is, as you know, £30 cheaper than the Nintendo Wii. What this will do to the Xbox 360 brand is anyone’s guess, however making it cheaper than the most affordable, family-friendly console is bound to win it points from frazzled mums at Chrimbo time, but lose points from 360 fanboys who will…

Rumours of £299 PS3 gather pace, despite Sony's denial

ps3-price-cut-uk.jpgPS3 is still too expensive. Sony argues the point, of course, but the sales figures show that it’s suffering in comparison with the cheaper Xbox 360 and Wii. So it’s no surprise that when a rumour springs up about a PS3 price cut, it spreads like wildfire.

Such is the case this week, with well-sourced reports claiming that Sony’s about to unveil a cut-down PS3 for £299, with a smaller 40GB hard drive, no USB ports and no backwards compatibility with PS2 and PS1 games.