Nike McFly Hyperdunks: Back to the Future II footgear? Not quite.


nikehyperdunkmcfly.jpgSorry to disappoint all you eager fans, but the Nike Hyperdunks are more “inspired” than “copied” from the pair Marty wore in Back to the Future II.

Sure they’re the same colour scheme, but the high-ankle cuff is different, as are the soles. And although I never expected the Hyperdunks to be self-lacing, they could have made the laces look similar. Plus, the movie-version had a light-up sole and logo that Nike could have easily managed. It baffles me why they didn’t – don’t they want free advertising and a higher price tag?

Maybe they’re waiting for 2015 to release duplicates. Ah well, us fans will take what we can get.

(via Coolest Gadgets)

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