Sharp 923SH swivel screen mini LCD TV phone

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sharp-923SH.jpgI’d rather forgotten that Sharp still make phones other than Mickey Mouse ones but they’ve gone and blindsided me with the launch of their 5.2-megapixel 923SH in Japan today.

This rather strange looking handset is very neatly displaying perhaps its best feature, that of its 3.3-inch AQUOS swiveling LCD that packs a very nice 480 x 845 screen resolution. As if you hadn’t guessed – the little aerial should’ve given you the added clue – yes, it does work as a DVB TV as well.

What you also get for your money is a decent camera with your megapixels nicely backed up by auto focus, face recognition and image stabilization, along with all manner of Bluetooth and GPS as well.

Sadly this 50mm x113mm x18.6mm, 135g little delight will only be available in Japan. They get all the best stuff. Maybe I’ll move there.

(via Aving)

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