CADRE: New sat-nav system helps drivers more accurately plan journeys

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garmin_nuvi_200.jpgSatellite navigation devices are great, except when they accidentally land you on railway lines, but they can still wind you up in a serious traffic jam if you’re not careful.

Although many models can work with information fed in from cameras and sensors to help drivers avoid traffic congestion, a new system in development allows drivers to feedback to the system in real time.

The Congestion Avoidance Dynamic Routing Engine (CADRE) can combine traditional data with information provided by drivers using the system, as well as building up a more accurate picture of how long particular journeys take at different times of day and days of the week. The system is automated, relying on live data from other cars nearby.

“Using dynamic updating it observes exactly what cars five miles in front are doing,” said Dr David Brown from the University of Portsmouth. “Obviously if there is only one other car on the road with the system, and it is stuck behind a tractor, then it is not going to be very accurate. But, with 10,000 cars fitted with Cadre it has the potential to provide incredible details of road positions.”

As with most of these location-aware services, it requires that drivers are happy for their location to be monitored. However, the system is likely to be totally anonymous, and the benefits should outweigh any privacy concerns.

The system is currently being tested on various routes in Hampshire.

(Via Portsmouth News)

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