"I am rich"? Not anymore.

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Thumbnail image for iamrich.jpgRemember the “I am rich” iPhone app story we reported yesterday? Y’know, about how someone had the bright idea of selling an iPhone app for $1000 that does nothing but illustrate how ludicrously wealthy you are.

24 hours later and it has already been taken off of the iPhone application store. Whilst the exact reason for the removal is unknown, it probably had something to do with the fact that idiots were actually buying it.

One of our commentators yesterday told us of how he’d spoken to the programmer, Armin Henrich, and told us how he’d already sold at least four copies of the application. And according to a screenshot that has surfaced, it would seem at least one of those people are suffering from buyer’s remorse, having clicked “Buy” as a joke… only to find $999 charged to their Visa card. Whoops.

I wonder who at Apple thought that approving an app at that price, when it could be bought in one click, was a good idea?

(via Alley Insider and Digg)

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James O’Malley
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  • Kind of reminds me of AnythingNothing.com, except a lot more expensive… and more limited.

  • genius. serves Lee5279xx right, really, but it also highlights the problem of 1-click. my niece spent almost £50 of my money on useless ipod games (she doesn’t even have an ipod) and miscellaneous songs with my iTunes account before i found out what she’d been doing. i didn’t bother trying to get a refund from Apple, instead chalked it up to experience and switched 1-click off. but clicking the link yourself ‘as a joke’ and then calling the app a scam when you realise your mistake is just retarded, so part of me hopes he doesn’t get a refund!

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