The "Le Million" mobile phone probably isn't available on PAYG

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goldvish - small.jpgEarlier today I wrote about an iPhone app for the wealthy called “I am rich“, and stupidly suggested that the iPhone is the phone that rich people would go for. I’m now preparing to eat my words.

It turns out that luxury communications firm Goldvish have come up with “Le Million”… a million dollar mobile phone, which qualifies it as the world record for the most expensive mobile phone in the world.

Apparently it’s caked in 120 carats worth of WS-1 grade diamonds and as you might expect this makes it look horrendously gaudy. So if you’re a multi-millionaire gangster rapper this could be the phone for you to call your “bitches” on.

Unfortunately, there’s no details on the spec of the phone so I can’t tell you if it has bluetooth or anything, but to be honest, connectivity isn’t going to be the reason anyone buys this phone.

If you’re on a budget, apparently Goldvish also do cheaper phones in rose, yellow and white, which are a relative bargain at only about £13,000.

(via Telecom 3)

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