Never-ending al fresco laptop sessions (if you can find any sunshine)

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solar-panel.jpgThis environmentally-friendly laptop charger means you will no longer have outdoor work cut short by poor batteries. In fact, to call it a ‘laptop charger’ does it a disservice, since it can also be used to charge pretty much anything, from your iPod to your mobile, with the use of the correct adaptor.

It appears rather large, which might put you off lugging it around merely to charge your iPod, but if you and your laptop need to be outside for a considerable length of time, this charger could well come in handy.

At $150 it’s reasonably priced, and not overwhelmingly more expensive than some regular laptop chargers. Considering the money saved on electricity, in theory this could be quite a sound financial investment if you’re a regular laptop user.

The only question is whether you’ll be able to find any weather good enough to allow it to function. Bearing in mind the rather bleak summer we’re experiencing, a wind-powered charger might be more useful. Nevertheless, if you’re off on holiday and can’t stand to be cut out of business, this might be a rather useful asset to have on the beach.

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