Solar-powered LED Christmas lights – and may all your Christmases be green


I can’t say my carbon footprint is the biggest worry for me over Christmas. It’s probably more like managing to get all my presents in time and making sure I’m not the person who has to deal with the tree after it starts to look a lot less festive and drops all of it’s browning needles over the carpet.

However, if you’re thinking Christmas 2.0 then you’re probably all into energy saving both for the sake of the environment and for credit crunch cash-strapping reasons as well. In which case, you need to get yourself over to Eco Geek Living and pick up a set of these solar-powered LED Christmas Lights…

Never-ending al fresco laptop sessions (if you can find any sunshine)


This environmentally-friendly laptop charger means the end for your battery letting you down whilst working outside. In fact, to call it a ‘laptop charger’ does it a disservice, since it can also be used to charge pretty much anything, from your iPod to your mobile, with the use of the correct adaptor.

It appears reasonably large, which might rather put you off lugging it round merely to charge your iPod, but if there’s any reason you and your laptop need to be outside for a considerable length of time, this charger could well come in handy.

Roberts launches first solar-powered DAB radio


Roberts has announced its solarDAB radio, which it claims is the world’s first solar-powered DAB radio. Seems like an idea that should’ve been done already, but apparently not.

The radio contains a solar panel which either powers the radio directly, if the sun is strong enough, or recharges the internal battery. When out of daylight, a fully charged battery can run the radio for up to 27 hours, and the radio can also be used and charged via the mains…

Chinavision's solar-powered MP4 player and Nintendo emulator, for the eco-friendly software pirate

Don’t go killing the planet while playing pirated old Nintendo games!

The Mobile Power Station is being sold as a nice little media player, only, thanks to the Chinese and their total lack of respect for international copyright agreements, it comes with NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Colour emulators pre-installed by the kindly factory workers.


Fatbottomed girls will be riding today, on their E-V Sunny solar-powered bicycles

A solar powered bike? Huh? Am I missing something here? Bicycles are already green enough, and I’m sure the exercise is better than nothing? I’m here!

A very strange man by the name of Peter Sandler, who hails from Canada (no jokes), has invented the ‘E-V Sunny Bicycle’, which is 100% solar-powered. As you can see, solar panels have been built into the wheels, which charge the batteries, powering the 500 watt motor to get to speeds of 19mph…