Chinavision's solar-powered MP4 player and Nintendo emulator, for the eco-friendly software pirate


Don’t go killing the planet while playing pirated old Nintendo games!

The Mobile Power Station is being sold as a nice little media player, only, thanks to the Chinese and their total lack of respect for international copyright agreements, it comes with NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Colour emulators pre-installed by the kindly factory workers.


Hardly the most cutting edge of gaming hardware without even Game Boy Advance support, but with a 3.5″ screen, e-book playback powers and 2GB of memory space, it’s a more than acceptable media player in its own right.

Plus the solar panels can be used to charge your other gadgets via a USB output socket. Which would win it today’s Genius Gadget of the Day award, were such an award to exist.

(Via OhGizmo!)

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Gary Cutlack
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