Microsoft is making money too – and even Vista's starting to take off


microsoft-profits-vista-office.jpgAs well as Apple bragging about how much money it’s raked in so far this year, Microsoft is expected to announce some rather pretty upwards-pointing graphs this week too.

Analysts are predicting a huge 66% rise in profits for MS over the last year, as despite the numerous financial disasters going on around the globe people are still buying new computers so their internet goes a bit faster and World of Warcraft looks slightly prettier.

PC sales were up by well over 10% in the last quarter of 2007, in fact, as people upgraded to something nicer with a bigger hard drive and more USB sockets to help them get through the winter.

Citing strong automated sales of Vista with those new PCs and a decent performance of MS Office as well, calculator-wielding boffins predict Microsoft will make a profit of $4.35 billion. No estimates were given for the perennially loss-making gaming division – although with Microsoft managing to sell nearly five million copies of Halo 3 in America alone last autumn, and shifting 1.3m Xbox 360s there in December, it’s looking good.

Maybe even the Zune department will contribute $50 or so.

(Via Reuters)

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