CES 2008: Microsoft Zune worldwide shipping FINALLY FREAKIN' announced

CES 2008

bill-gates-ces-zune.jpgIt may not be the integrated HD DVD Xbox 360 Microsoft fanboys were holding out for, but it’s nonetheless something people in Britain especially have been expecting.

It came right from the mouth of Bill Gates at Sunday’s keynotes speech, so you can take this as gospel. The MP3 player which Robbie Bach, President of the Entertainment & Devices Division, claims is the “clear alternative to the iPod” will be swinging worldwide-way in Spring of this year, with Canada slated first. THAT’S JUST TWO MONTHS!

If Brits get charged the same as our friends in the States, we should pay just £125 for the 80GB Zune, the 30GB Zune will be £99, and the 4GB and 8GB models should be £75 and £99 each.

In reality, however, I would put money on the 80GB being £199, 30GB £149, and the 4GB and 8GB models around £99 and £120 each.

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Katherine Hannaford
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