VIDEO: Worldwide air traffic over 24 hours

Click play on the video. Now watch as the world’s aeroplanes cross continents and oceans. It’s strangely relaxing in the same way that watching a trail of ants in a garden on a warm summer’s afternoon is relaxing. One thing that’s worth looking out for – compare Europe at the start of the video to Europe at 0:45 – the flight volume changes dramatically between day and night.

Seen a similarly fantastic depiction of data? Post it in the comments below. I love stuff like this, so if you’ve got a favourite visualization of information then I want to see it too.

Nitmesh (via @damiano)

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Facebook now double the size of MySpace worldwide


“The times, they are a-changin'”, as Bob Dylan once said. We’ve had plenty of ‘X overtakes Y’ news lately, and the latest is that Facebook is now double the size of MySpace worldwide. It represents a powerful victory for usability and good design over the infamous “MySpace page”, which became synonymous with the web’s – how shall I put this – more ‘homely’ side.

I just logged in to MySpace for the first time in about six months, and had to enter *three* different captchas before I could even log in. I guess that means they’re taking the spammer threat seriously, but my god, what a barrier to logging in…

Eee PC an actual statistical success – 350,000 sold already, says Asus

It’s today’s Asus Eee PC News of the Day!

Today’s Asus Eee PC news is the official global sales figures for the thing so far – it’s done a whopping 350,000 already, compared with the official pre-launch estimate/hope of 300k. And if parent company Asustek could’ve made more it would’ve sold more – Eee PCs of all specs and sizes are still annoying sold out pretty much worldwide.

To celebrate, here’s a particularly angelic and festive promotional image of a lovely happy family all brought together by the mega-portable laptop: