No phones on planes please, we're British, survey finds

Mobile phones

airplane.jpgA couple of recent surveys suggest that Brits are dead set against allowing mobile phone calls on flights.

Yahoo!’s survey suggested 87% would like voice calls to stay banned on flights, though nearly half thought some kind of email / Internet access would be useful, and presumably less intrusive than being stuck in a big tin can with a load of incessant chatterboxes.

Around one in six people decided that it was vital to be able to check the weather while on board (yes, we are a weather-obsessed nation). Unfortunately, any further insights into what forms of personal technology Brits would like aboard planes are slightly lacking.

Another survey from found Brits to be even less tolerant. Not only did over half of those surveyed believe using a mobile phone on board a plane was bad etiquette, but some thought it even warranted an ASBO being slapped on the phone user.

I think the moral is “Beware!”. Just because you can chat to your mates and colleagues on some flights, it doesn’t mean you should — unless you enjoy being on the receiving end of air rage.

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