Twenty most useless gadgets revealed in online survey


wedgey_egg_slicer.jpgBrits by a lot of crap gadgets, it seems, if the results of a recent survey by the independent review site Reevoo is anything to go by.

The worst product of all time is the electric nail file — something I’ve never had cause to use — which is supposed to offer professional results but seemingly doesn’t.

Laser-guided scissors are rubbish because the laser is attached to the scissors (I suppose it would be) so is no good for those with shaky hands.

When is a candle not a candle? When it’s a pathetic electric candle, apparently, which came in at third place. Honestly, who doesn’t love real candles and the genuine risk of burning your house down?

Close to my heart is the Soda Stream. I’m deeply offended that it came in as the fourth most useless gadget. As a kid we couldn’t afford real coca-cola, so fizzy brown sludge from the Soda Stream was all we had.

Foot spas provide little relief, it seems, in fifth place. The iconic fondue set melts in at sixth (but that cheese is soooo gooood…), and hair crimpers (another gadget I have happily avoided) made seventh.

A saucepan with water is not good enough for some Brits who bought an egg boiler and then found it to be useless — bit like that guy who turned up on Dragons’ Den, perhaps?

Reminisce with me over the Remington Fuzzaway — electric fluff removers came in ninth place.

Those too lazy to move their arm back and forth while holding a knife invested in an electric carving knife, only to despise it. Oh dear, cut too fast did it?

In eleventh place came the trouser press, with face steamers in twelfth, and teas maids in thirteenth.

Another format to fall by the wayside was the Mini Disc, with the kit that played it languishing in fourteenth place.

Those who only wanted to tan their face were obviously badly burnt, while the same people who bought the electric carving knife obviously decided that ordinary, manual knives were also better for slicing hard-boiled eggs.

Electric tin openers are despised, for some reason, as are yoghurt makers (or, more likely, the washing up of said item). Towel warmers made nineteenth place (yes, we just use the radiator too), and finally the back scratcher was deemed the twentieth most useless piece of gadget tat that we wasted out money on.

Well, you wasted your money on, that is.

Please be more careful next time, eh?

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