First photo of Hudson air crash surfaces on Twitter

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Share another one for citizen journalism. The very first photo of the plane crash in the Hudson was taken on a mobile phone, and uploaded to Twitter. The photographer was one Janis Krums, and he was on one of the ferries used to rescue the passengers from the stricken plane.

Although you could say he was in the right place at the right time, the quality of the photo is pretty damn good as well – well framed, and with plenty of detail. On a side note, though – you’ve got to wonder if it’s the first class passengers that are on the raft, while the economy plebs have to stand on the wing…

Twitpic (via Silicon Alley Insider)

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  • I do believe that the inflatable slide/raft does detach from the aircraft. So if the plane suffers a mishap on land, its function is as a safety slide, but in the event of an accident like Thursdays, the inflatable device actually can be disengaged and function as a raft. Because you do make a good point — the airplane’s only going to float for so long, and the slide/raft needs to be able to disconnect from the aircraft if it’s to remain floating.

  • That’s not a raft, it’s the inflatable escape slide, but having said that it would be really clever if you could disconnect it at the critical moment, just as the plane sank, when it would become a very useful way of stopping you getting your feet wet. Otherwise it could be a bit of a let-down if you all scrambled onto it, and then it sank, still tethered to the ‘plane….

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